Thermostatic mixing tap for public spaces

• Flow rate from 3 to 190 LPM depending on each model
• Service pressure : 2-4 bars
• Maximum pressure : 10 bars
• Maximum hot water temperature : 85°C
• Possibility to change the pre-mixed water outlet direction
• Security cut-off for pre-mixed anti-scald water
• Equipped from 1 to 21 sanitary stations

• Solid brass CW617N chromed
• Blockage lever at 38°C
• French compliant flap embedded

Thermostatic mixing taps ST and SE:
• ST: thermostatic mixing tap for water supply with pre-mixed water at 38°C (setting plate: 32-45°C)
  with blue adjustment ring and cover.
• SE: thermostatic mixing tap for water at 55°C (setting plate: 45-60°C) with red adjustment ring and cover.