HYGISEAT stainless steel wall hung toilet extended version for P.R.M.

AUTOMATIC WC with no-touch washing cycle, seat disinfection, drying and flush release, after the user’s departure.

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HYGISEAT stainless steel wall hung toilet extended version for P.R.M.

All-embracing mirror cabinet

The all-embracing mirror cabinet allows a complete touch free hand washing cycle (soap, water, air) and removes the need to move from one station to another, helping to eliminate water drips on the floor and counter and minimize cross-contamination. This integrated modular system also features LED lighting.
All-embracing mirror cabinet

Hygiseat... the intelligent WC !

The automatic HYGISEAT™ WC is particularly recommended in areas such as restaurants, hotels, campsites, public toilets and washrooms...

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3 in 1 mirror cabinet with integrated equipment: the ideal solution!

Soap | Water | Air

Hygiene | Economies | Esthetism | Space |Easy Maintenance | Cleanliness

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EPURE wall-mounted stainless steel washbasin with invisible waste

Contemporary design and elegance, great robustness and longevity.

Decorative materials, stainless steel which plays with the light!

Width from 600 to 3000 mm

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EXTREME DS electronic faucet, matte black finish

Pure design: detection hidden directly in the end of the spout.

Comfort: short detection very reactive, water gushes from the approach of the hands!

Strong trend, matte black is modern, sleek, chic.

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Supratech, hygiene on the move

To meet the needs for hygiene hygienic public washroom facilities, SUPRATECH designs, expands and manufactures toilets ensuring a maximal hygiene.
For the comfort and the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities, we also offer touch-free electronic faucets and a large range of sanitary accessories (hand-dryers, automatic soap dispensers, stainless steel paper dispensers…).
Stainless steel is known for it's quality in hygiene, it's long-lasting, design and it's easy to clean, SUPRATECH offers you a large range.