Mirror unit

High mirror unit all in one and ready to install including an automatic soap dispenser liquid or foam, electric faucet with thermostatic pre-mixer and the high speed touch-free hand dryer.

Components assembled on a plat which is rugged in stainless steel and thickness 1,5 mm. Closes by key.

Unit to be hung on a wall using a stainless steel suspension rail, only one electrical supply to be plugged-in, water to be connected to a mixing tap and the unit is operational!

6L soap tank with an easy access for the filling (foam or liquid soap).

All components (solenoid valve, pump, sensors, transformer, shut-off valve, mixing valve…) easy to access for a quick and easy service.

Meuble-miroir-savon-seche-mains-eau-installation-multiple savon-derriere-miroir-robinet-seche-mains-compact

The mirror unit with its all in one equipment is the ideal solution:

  • For its comfort and hygiene: functions are automatically activated by placing your hands in the sensor area and stops when your hands are pulled away.
  • Saves on water and soap.
  • To ease the incorporation for the architect by minimizing the visual impact.
  • Limits inside clutter.
  • To ease the installation and avoid needing professionals.
  • Easy to refill the soap and maintenance simplified, on hand !
  • To keep the area in a perfect state (avoids dirty faucets, soap marks, wet floor…).
  • Chic et plain, its concealed equipment brings a minimalist and functional design.
  • Quick and compact installation.
  • Adaptable configuration in the unit number and dimensions.



seche-mains-encastres-derriere-miroir-collectivites meuble-miroir-savon-seche-mains-robinet-automatique-integres-hygiene module-miroir-3en1-lavabo-resine-corian

A few installations:

meuble-miroir-centre-commercial-ma-petite-madelaine savon-eau-air-papier-derriere-miroir-meuble-haut-collectif robinet-electronique-derriere-miroir-mural-vertical-collectivites meuble-miroir-led-distributeur-savon-eau-seche-mains-invisible
meuble-miroir-station-autoroutes-esso robinet-automatique-integre-derriere-miroir seche-mains-encastre-derriere-miroir-robinet-savon meuble-miroir-musee-orsay-orangerie
meuble-miroir-musee-louvre-supratech hygiene-collectivites-lavage-mains-sans-contact module-miroir-savon-eau-seche-mains-autoroutes meuble-miroir-savon-eau-air-carrefour

Subtle solutions for a no germ and automatic environment, ensuring hygiene, comfort and high quality destined to a large public.


EUIPO model