Bobrick all in one hand towel dispenser and waste bin

A few functions in one single unit to gain space and have maximum functionality.

Exclusive accessories = DISTRITOP and RAPIDCOLLECT


DISTRITOP reduces paper consumption of 20 %.
Costs less: distributes 1 paper at a time.
Easy to install: without any tools.
Avoids waste: avoids grabbing paper by handful.
Gains time : Easy to refill, guided paper and maintained.
Ecology: contributes to conserving resources.
Durability: made at 50-70 % in recyclable stainless steel.
DISTRI-TOP-essuie-mains DISTRITOP paper towel dispenser accessory for the BO range.
Dispenses paper one by one, reducing paper consumption at least 20 %,
eliminating jamming and pulling more than one paper at a time.
RAPIDCOLLECT improves sanitary appearance.
Liner included: no more visible bag, nothing is hanging over.
Perfect adjustment : avoids scattering  waste when removing the liner.
Time gain: reduces the frequency of bag changing.
Easy to install: remove bag without locking and unlocking.
Porte-sac intégré RAPIDCOLLECT bag support.
Improves sanitary appearance by removing overflowing bags.
Allows to quickly and easily change the bags.