Stainless steel circular was basins


Circular wash basins in stainless steel combine up to 8 taps in one single device, which saves on water coming through the faucets, on fittings and work needed done.
They are rugged, efficient and vandal proof.

The direct water outlet avoids stagnant water in the bowl.

Easy to access when groups of people.
Temporized push faucets, manual or electronic touch-free.
Circular, semi-circular or angled model.
Shorter base for children (base height 550 or 670 mm)
Enhanced model (base height 950 mm)

Functionality, durability and minimal maintenance
Saves on water and energy
Rugged and vandal-proof

Appropriate and recommended for : schools, industries, food sectors, stadiums, hospitals, event halls…

Easy to install
One single plumbing connection is enough to install the circular wash fountain, unlike individual faucet installation.

Reduced clutter
The circular wash faucets take up less space than traditional wash basins which allows a fluent circulation.

Electronic version
Touch-free water and soap distribution. The water and soap distrubition is touch-free excluding all contracts with the sanitary system, avoiding all danger of contamination and germs from spreading.
This conception guarantees a sanitary equipment of an irreproachable cleanliness.

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