Wall mounted electronic faucets

The wall mounted electronic faucet improves space use and makes it easier to clean and for the maintenance.

  • A large amount of choices in spout shapes and lengths for comfort and aesthetic.


  • Optimal hygiene : touch-free, prevents bacteria from spreading. The automatic faucet isn't touches therefore it stays clean.
  • Thanks to it's sensor, the water flows immediately and automatically at a pre-set temperature.
  • Saves on water and security : water only flows during the hand wash.
  • Modern design. Anti-vandal conception.
  • Recessed concealed installation (a part to be installed before tilling) or wall-mounted.
  • 9V battery supply or mains by transformer 230/9V
  • With or without mixing tap (cold or pre-mixed water).
  • Manufactured ISO9001 certified.
bati-support-lavabo-robinet-electronique-TUBULAR TUBULAR-distributeur-savon
ROBUST WALL SPOUT FIXATION: wash basin support frame with automatic water and soap faucet included.
The 100% hygienic and ergonomic solution to wash hands. Easy to install.