Thermostatic mixing tap


The principal of automatic steering between hot and cold fluids allows a better management of your hot water : no water waste and calories by trial and error in the adjustment of the temperature, calorific reduction loss in line, temporary off of the warm water flow as often as wished.

  • The thermostatic mixing tap allows less recessed devices, like faucet spouts, seats and solenoid valves, hence the long lasting life time throughout all the products and pipes.
  • It's often proven that a thermostatic mixing tap offers a 30 % save compared to a standard mixing tap. For a private individual the device is quickly monetized.


Skin burns caused by hot water are frequent accidents which have bad consequences particularly because of important spreading. Using hot water above 50° C is likely to cause burns, it is therefore important to have the right temperature to avoid accidents caused by burns.

  • Burns can be caused by all sorts of reasons. In certain cases, it is the thermostat which are faulty or set to a temperature which is too high. In other cases , the temperature regulator which produces hot water either doesn't work properly or doesn't exist.
  • The water heater is normally set to temperatures above 55°C to avoid bacteria from forming, such as legionella, in the water supply. Contact with water superior to 40°C is painful. At a temperature of 55°C, a child can be burnt in less than 4 seconds. 80% of children's thermic injuries  happen at home.


A thermostatic mixing tap for cold and hot water with a hot/cold water differential of 40° C minimum.
The differential between hot/mixed water must be 15° C minimum to obtain a pre-mixed water at a stable temperature.

  • It must compensate the pressure fluctuations (frequent or brutal) and the temperature (slower).
  • A real thermostatic mixing tap controls just as well the cold water as the hot water and compensated the pressure fluctuation when it stays under the usual level (1 bar).
  • It works by an automatic management of both fluids, depending on the set-point indicated on the lever.
  • The automatic pilotage happens without any exterior, mechanical or electrical help. It's the mixing chamber, by reaction and automatic conservation of the temperature, where the wax element is emerged, which makes it's originality and the superiority of the thermostatic above all the other principles.